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Developing Brand Identity

Your brand identity determines how other people see you. It’s your subtle first opportunity to present why your products or services are important

This shows what you are trying to do and how that relates to everything!

Logo Design

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Brand Col. 2

Brand Col. 3

Brand Col. 4


What fonts do you already have, what fonts COULD you have?

We can REFRESH things by finding fonts that coincide with your logo. You need to be consistent with your online documentation and stationary. We’ll figure out what fonts to use and where to get them, along with any associated elements all to your preference!

Style Guide

Create Brand Style Guide

Logo, colours, typography, icons, and media are all compiled into the Brand Style Guide

This is the central reference used in the design phase and provides all the associated colour code values for the development phase. Consistency is the key to a successful design!

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